What Clients Say...
Surgery Preparation
"Last year I had to undergo a series of reconstructive surgeries, and was told repeatedly that the procedures would be painful, and I would most likely take quite awhile to recover. Having worked successfully with Mary before to deal with anxiety issues, I knew she would be just as valuable in helping me to prepare for and recover from surgery. We did a couple hypnosis sessions (she also made me a wonderful tape to listen to on my own), and sure enough, I breezed through the operations with flying colors. All of my doctors were amazed at how well I did in surgery (very little bleeding, etc.), and the speed with which I healed simply blew them away. And best of all, I had so little pain and discomfort that I took only one of the prescribed pain pills, and threw the rest away! I cannot recommend Mary's services highly enough. Not only is her style of hypnotherapy incredibly effective, she is one of the most warm, caring and genuine people you will ever meet. There is no shortage of hypnosis practitioners out there, but if you do your homework, you'll see that Mary is truly the real deal." Mary Hughes, Scottsdale
Relieve Pain / Promote Comfort
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: "When I sought Mary Herring's help in early May 2014 I had been struggling with IBS for years. While medical testing had ruled out more ominous diagnoses, traditional medicine had little to offer in the way of a solution. I had reached a point where I almost dreaded mealtime, and had very few 'good days'. Weight loss was becoming a concern. With a six week European trip planned for early July, I became increasingly apprehensive. Combing the internet in desperation, I came across the Healing Interventions website and decided toinvestigate. That step was a turning point, I'm happy to report. Mary, unlike so many harried health care providers, listened carefully. I talked a lot, and she studied the whole picture. She suggested ways to proceed which resulted in marked improvement. After several sessions with her, which did include but were not limited to hypnosis, I had gained some confidence and a plan to cope going forward. The trip was actually quite wonderful, I'm happy to report, and the symptoms which had plagued me previously were mostly diminished. Of course, I still have to be careful, but she was absolutely instrumental in helping me turn my life around!" EW Mesa

Medical Tests: "Hypnosis was extremely instrumental in controlling pain during my medical tests when I was not allowed to have any pain medication. Even my doctor was surprised. Recovering from surgery, I used hypnosis to 'dump' my pain whenever it flared up. It helped me relax & need less pain medication. You really helped me get through a difficult time that without hypnosis would have been excruciating." S.R., Scottsdale

Burns: "In August of 2003 steam and boiling water from a pressure cooker burned my torso, right leg and arm. After spending a month in the Maricopa County Burn Unit, and having skin grafts, I was released. As I healed, even with consistent wearing of the compression garments, some of the scars became keloid. Where adequate pressure to prevent scarring was not possible, especially on my bust, there was a great deal of pulling and itching associated with it. Once the pulling and itching started, I couldn't stop it or find any relief. The doctors and nurses at the Maricopa County Burn Clinic were very supportive, trying many different treatments. Some of these worked better for me than others, but none of them could stop the itching once it began. I would scratch and rub so hard that I would break the skin. I thought that it might be time to try some 'mind over body'. When I first came to you in November of 2004 to learn to hypnotize myself, I was hoping to get some relief from the itching and pulling.

I can't tell you how much the hypnosis has helped me. From the first of our five sessions together I found relief. As time went on I learned to use hypnosis to control the itching and pulling when it began. Now, after some practice, I can stop it almost immediately, even if I am out in public. This is really important to me because it seems to happen most often when I am tired or under stress, and these often occur when I am not at home. I am able to stop the pain without anyone knowing that I am even having a problem.

I also want you to know that your belief that I could learn to control the pain from the itching was really helpful to me. Your positive attitude made me believe that I could do it and I did. I still use the tape you made for me and it helps me focus again, especially if I have not had to hypnotize myself for a while.

Even though this accident was life changing for me, it has also given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful, caring people who I would not have met otherwise. I am so glad that our paths crossed!" Sincerely, Linda Angeloff, Scottsdale

Freedom from Tobacco
"My name is Laura Andrejko and I was a smoker for 29 years. I tried several times to quit smoking, but all methods I used were unsuccessful, until I met Mary Herring. Mary's hypnosis allowed me to quit cold turkey and helped with my cravings. I would highly recommend seeing Mary Herring when you are ready to quit. I feel so much better! Thank you Mary." Laura Andrejko, Mesa

"What on earth could possibly be said to thank the person that helped me save my life? What does one say when the two words, THANK YOU, don't EVEN begin to convey my gratitude? I have attempted to quit smoking 13 times prior to seeing you. Seriously, it is as if you flipped a switch in my head. There was no pain. There were no withdrawals... even with all of my most critical triggers!! I haven't given it another thought and I'm about 7 months free and healing. I feel like a million bucks and I don't know how to say thank you except to spread the word and run around with an 'I LOVE MARY' sign everywhere I go. Thank you Thank you Thank you." Jeffrey Peck, Phoenix

"Prior to my sessions I was having a very difficult time overcoming anxiety in relation to school. After one session I noticed a difference, & now that I am using self hypnosis daily, the anxiety is virtually non-existent. I really enjoyed working with Mary. Not only is she extremely competent, she is a genuinely nice person. I was always very comfortable during my sessions." M.H., Scottsdale
Weight Loss
"I've lost 43 pounds since my sessions began. I am exercising for the first time in my life. I have been doing so for four months and I feel great." C.P., Phoenix

"I'm so much more focused & able to deal with stress better. I've lost weight and am very pleased." J.W. Phoenix

"Just wanted to let you know I've been using my tape & it's really working great! I don't have nearly the amount of health worries that I did and have much more confidence that I can use the power of my mind to keep myself well and deal with issues like sleep. Thanks again for everything. I really have enjoyed working with you, and I'll be back whenever other issues come up!" M.S.H., Scottsdale
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